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Greetings, Warhawks!
Information Technology Services, in a partnership with Microsoft, is giving each currently enrolled student access to full-versions of Microsoft Office and Office Mobile for FREE!  This can be installed simultaneously on 5 devices and is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.
You can install the latest version of Office on up to five computers that you use. After you've completed the installation, make sure you have automatic updates turned on.
Depending on your operating system, here's what Office includes:
Office on your PC includes Access, Excel, Lync, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word.
NOTE: Office 365 will not run in conjunction with other versions of Office.  You will need to uninstall any existing versions of Office in order for Office 365 to install correctly.
To get your Office follow these simple steps:
1. For PC and Mac
    b. Enter your AUM email address, and click the "Sign in" button
    c. If prompted, select work or school account
    d. You will be redirecter to another page, enter your AUM email address and password
    e. Click through to install and follow the onscreen process
    f.  On the installation page select your language and click install
2. For iOS and Android:
    a. Download from your app store
    b. Sign in with your school credentials for full editing capability


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